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Light Up Teddy Bear Anti-Anxiety Plush Gift

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Light Up Teddy Bear Anti-Anxiety Plush Gift

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Glowing LED teddy bear equipped with colourful LED lights inside, making it an ideal companion for kids who are afraid of darkness. This soft and cuddly stuffed teddy bear is made of high quality plush fabric, including 100% polyester cotton is very comforting to touch and feel. It has cute appearance, and its smiling face can instantly put you in a good mood.

SKIN-FRIENDLY & SAFE MATERIAL: This classic light up teddy bear is stuffed with high quality PP cotton, which does no harm to kids There are also no detachables, beads or buttons which can fall off. Size: 8-Inch. Color: White. Super soft. Power: 2 AA batteries (not included).
AUTO OFF DESIGN: This LED teddy bear has colourful lights installed, and will light up when turned on (install batteries before playing as 2 AA batteries are NOT included), and colourful light will glow. The unique feature of a 30-miniute timer is  built-in, which will turn off the light automatically in 30 minutes if left alone, which will also help prolong the life of batteries. However, you can still turn it off anytime you like by pressing the ON/OFF button by yourself.
AWESOME GIFT FOR KIDS OR FAMILIES: You will probably regard it as a simple white teddy bear at the first sight. But you’ll be amazed at how amazing a teddy bear it is! When batteries are installed, turn on the switch and you'll see how beautiful it looks at night! The lights are bright and they illuminate the colors beautifully!
COMPANION FOR THOSE AFRAID OF DARKNESS: This light-up teddy bear stuffed plush is good as a decorative piece for a kid’s bed, cafe, or simply a bookshelf. Meanwhile, kids can go to bed with this adorable friend as the lights it produces can create a warm atmosphere, which would reduce the anxiety and help those who are timid to feel safe in the darkness.
SATISFYING CUSTOMER SERVICE & SOME NOTICES: Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions. We will reply as soon as possible within 24 hours. NOTE: Please avoid washing and keep away from fire.


- Always allow sufficient amount of water in the fountain, especially on sunny days.
- Keep the surface of the solar panel clean to avoid the pump get blocked with dirt.
- The fountain works only when ALL panels are exposed to FULL, DIRECT sunlight. A leaf shading one panel keeps it from functioning. It does not store any energy.


-Built In LED device, includes more than 7 Changing colors, will light up after equipped with batteries.
-When you place 3x AA batteries in it, please press the button on the right of the arm, and it will light up. If you press it again, it will turn off.


Size: 50cm
Colour: White, Blue, Pink, Yellow.
Material: Plush, PP Cotton
Battery: 3x AA batteries (Not Included)
Package Includes: 1x LED Plush Teddy Bear


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