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Giant Outdoor Games Sets For Summer BBQ Beach Kids Adult Fun

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Giant Outdoor Games Sets For Summer BBQ Beach Kids Adult Fun

£38.97 £77.94 saving £38.97
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We've Created For You The Best Giant Outdoor Games Sets. These giant outdoor games are fun to play anywhere no matter what circumstances, with kids and adults alike! We have the Giant Tumbling Tower, Giant Outdoor Quoits, Garden Bowling, Inflatable Paddling Pool, Giant Outdoor Noughts & Crosses, Giant Outdoor Limbo Game, Giant Skippy Hopper Ball and so much more!

These are fun games for the entire family! Perfect for those warm summer months or when you are housebound. These games can be played indoors or outdoors. Get ready to have hours of amazing fun with your kids, friends and family. Which Giant Games will you choose?

Giant Tumbling Tower:

- Giant towering fun to play with family or friends
- Put your skills of concentration, agility and balance to the test. Players take turns removing blocks from the bottom and balancing them right on the top. How tall can you build it before your hard work comes crashing down?
- Set includes 60x giant pine wooden blocks
- Perfect for summer, outdoor events in the garden, parks or camping
- Includes storage carry case
- The tower height is: 45cm
- Block sizes are: 21cm x 5cm x 3 cm

Giant Quoits:
- 5 real hemp rope quoits
- 5 push-in wooden pegs
- A single game is played by two people and each person throws five quoits from a distance. Each quoit that lands over a peg scores points. The player with the most points wins.
- 2 piece wooden peg board base
- Family fun in the sun!

Garden Bowling:
- Kids plastic bowling set with 6 pins and 2 bowling balls
- Cute and colourful, which is attractive to children
- Children will have hours of fun with this indoors or outdoors
- Overall abilities will be improved while having fun, such as operation abilities, enhance coordination between limbs and so on
- Exercise and doing sports from childhood will help build a strong healthy body
- Made of high quality hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly material
- This game allows parents and kids to play together, increasing bond and connection

Giant Garden Darts:
- A classic game of accuracy & skill
- Ideal for outdoor fun activity
- Score points by landing your darts inside the target rings
- These high quality garden darts have weighted tips which allow them to fly across the garden and land in the lawn
- Weather proof
- Suitable for two or more players
- 6 Giant darts and 2 target rings

Giant Noughts & Crosses:
- The classic garden game
- Players take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row is the winner.
- Suitable for 2 players
- Suitable for indoors or outdoors
- Size: 92cm x 92cm

Wooden Limbo Outdoor Game:
- For use outdoor or indoors
- Suitable for 1, 2 or more players
- Two upright stands with height indicators and crossbeam
- The cross garden game
- Approx height: 1.7m
- Family fun in the sun!

Giant Four In A Row:
- Suitable for 2 players
- Ideal for playing indoors or outdoors
- 42x foam discs
- Removable slot-in legs make storage easy
- A classic game that is fun to play with family or friends
- Size: 72cm x 48cm

Jumbo Badminton & Tennis Set:
- Racket & Net Family Play Set
- This quality jumbo badminton/tennis set is a great way to have more outdoor fun with the whole family
- Comprising of 2 quality full size rackets with 2 shuttlecocks and 2 tennis balls
- The set also comes with 2,4 m wide net, easy to assemble.
- Everything is stored in a handy, colourful carry box, also suitable for a present or any occasion.

Skippy Hopper Ball:
- Great hopping fun... Just climb on and hop around!
- Grab handles attached
- Just inflate and away you go
- 1 x 46cm (diameter) ball
- Random colour will be sent out

Garden Hopscotch:
- Perfect for children to use indoors or outdoors!
- It protects your floor and creates the ideal play area where children can learn and play at the same time.
- All in assorted colours
- Hopscotch garden game
- Includes 10 interlocking foam pieces
- Suitable for 2 or more players
- Age 3+
- Fun for all the family
- Size: 210cm x 60cm

Giant Lawn Darts:
- Durable plastic
- Water resistant
- Indoor or outdoor use
- 2 x Target rings
- 4 x Darts with safe tips
- Fun for people aged from 3 to 103!

- This Deluxe Rounders set comes complete with a mesh carry bag for easy transportation
- 1x Wooden Rounders Bat Approx. 46cm Long
- 4x Wooden Stump Posts approx. 30cm Long
- 1x Soft Tennis style ball
- Recommended for children aged 6+

Bump & Bounce Body Suits:
- Bump & Bounce all summer long
- Slip into your inflatable body bumper suits and have a belly-to-belly bumping challenge!
- Durable PVC construction
- 2 x Inflatable body bumpers
- 1 x Repairs patch
- For children aged 4 to 12 years old


Comes Boxed: Ideal to give as a gift.

Have Some Amazing Fun With Our Giant Outdoor Games!