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Outdoor Rebound Tennis Trainer Set

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Outdoor Rebound Tennis Trainer Set

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This Tennis Trainer Set is a great product and invention for Tennis lovers, who can now easily practice tennis by themselves! Most importantly, you don't have to worry about the ball flying into your neighbour's garden or anywhere else. It really is such fun while keeping fit and enabling you to train and improve your hand to eye coordination.

Compact & Portable Design: Ergonomically shaped handle makes carrying more easy and convenient. Imitation tennis design, perfect design for realistic play training.

Anti-Twist Design:
The addition of 2 large non-slip EVA pads on the underside allows great stability. Non-slip bottom. You can train anytime and anywhere when you want.

Small Base But Sturdy:
Fill the base with water or sand and it will be very stable, able to sustain your every shot!

Tennis Trainer Rebound Ball with Rope:
The tennis ball back base trainer is made of high-quality plastic, is robust and durable. The bonus rubber rope is highly elastic and portable with exquisite design and fine workmanship. 

  • The tennis training tool has a string of 4.60 meters to which the tennis ball is attached. This elastic cord can be up to 15 meters long. If the ball is hit away, it always comes back so that it can be hit again afterwards. This makes it possible to practice different shots with the tennis trainer.
  • The addition of 2 large non-slip EVA on the bottom has an excellent damping effect. The ergonomically shaped handle makes carrying more easy and convenient. Imitation tennis design, perfect design for realistic play training.
  • PERFECT GIFT: A great gift for your friends, family, and kids who love to play tennis. It can help improve your stroke action, footwork, and shot.
  • The special construction of the water inlet and outlet completely solves the problem of filling water in the trainer. On the outside of the ball seat there is a special device for connecting winding hooks. When used with a wrap hook, the rubber band is no longer tangled.



Size: ‎25.3 x 24.9 x 7.3 cm
Material: EVA Rubber
Colour: Blue
Weight: 270g
Package includes: 1 x Trainer Device, 1 x Training Balls