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Ultimate 16W Low Noise Water Pump With LED Lights OFFER

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Ultimate 16W Low Noise Water Pump With LED Lights OFFER

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The Ultimate 16 W Low Noise Water Pump for all your garden and fountain needs. With 16W of power and also LED lights to make your garden stand out. Works and compliments the "Ultimate Fine Cast Fire Breathing Dragon Fountain".

This water pump is perfect for your small pond, pool, garden, patio, lawn, water circulation for oxygen etc.

Dragon Water Fountain: Works With The Ultimate Dragon Fountain.
Corrosion & Impact Resistance: The outer shell is made of a sturdy engineered plastic, which has corrosion and impact resistance.
Carbonised Stainless Steel Core: Strong and durable shaft core and magnetic rotor made of unique carbonised stainless steel which is resistant to acid and corrosion. Allowing high efficiency, high power and long life. Suitable for fresh water/salt water.
Protective Filter Cover: The use of the filter cover can effectively prevent objects from being sucked into the motor. The filter cover is easy to remove and clean.
Designed For Safety: The pump needs to be completely immersed in water. The motor windings are completely enclosed, resin potted, making it completely isolated from water, thus will not leak electricity. However, please pay attention to electrical safety.
Low Operating Noise: Will not disturb you or your neighbours. Suitable for aquariums, pools, gardens, small scenes, etc.
Powerful Suction: With powerful suction cup making it easy to install anywhere in the fish tank.
Long Power Cord: Designed with 1.2m long power cord

Note: If you require the Dragon Fountain, please order separately by clicking here.  


Size: 72 x 63 x 54 cm / 28.3 x 24.8 x 21.3 inches
Colour: Black
Power 16W
Maximum Pump Flow: 800 L/H
Maximum Water Height: 1.55m / 61 Inches
Outlet Size: 8mm & 13mm Nozzles
Working Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
Package includes: 1x Submersible Pump With LED Lights, 2 Nozzles (8mm & 13mm), 1x Long Power Cord.  

Lighten Up Your Garden With Our Ultimate 16W Low Noise Water Pump With LED Lights OFFER!